It often seems like a double-edged sword when your core business is directly connected to the import and export of fossil fuels, and you talk about Environmental Responsibility. As the wider Maritime Community take steps to become accountable for their own Environmental impact, Graypen has started to take similar steps to become ‘Carbon Responsible’ by working towards the implementation of measurable systems to identify our own Carbon Footprint and work towards achievable goals to offset the environmental impact of our business through both measurement, monitoring and short & long term policy development so that we can do our part in making our business sustainable and importantly accountable.

Throughout 2020/21 the world has changed dramatically and challenged us all to adapt the way we do business. As a result of working from home, using technology, reducing commuting to/from offices, and reducing national and international business travel our Carbon Footprint has naturally reduced compared to previous years. This has given us pause for thought and a renewed focus. When the world fully opens for business, and we have removed the terrible impacts of the current pandemic it will be very important to focus on using our experiences and maintain the initiative when developing future strategy towards being both corporate and carbon responsible.

The going-green@graypengroup initiative seeks to measure and monitor, on an office-by-office basis, our environmental impact looking at…

  • Cars Usage (Company/Private) – Business Mileage and Commuting to/from sites
  • Commercial Travel – Business Flights / Trains / Other forms of Transport
  • Energy Use – Electricity/Gas/Water/Fuel
  • Waste Creation and Management / Recycling

  • We have a view to establishing clear targets and future corporate strategy aimed at reducing Graypen’s overall environmental impact through behavioural changes and offsetting initiatives working towards a sustainable business future and eventual carbon neutrality.

    Corporate Responsibility = Carbon Responsibility!

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